Chianti indicates red wine, and though not merely that. Also, it shows a delightful wilderness filled with wineries & red roofs shimmering under Tuscan stars. No surprise, the English are still so fascinated by the area which people named Chiantishire.
Unless you’re an organic wine lover, try and visit Castello di Nipozano that’s been, for centuries, the residence of Frescobaldi’s renowned winemakers. They produce Rùfina, a wine that is quite luxurious. People must buy chianti classico. It is one of the finest wines which is exported all across the world.
Consequently, if you’d like to drink wine, people wouldn’t have to buy the best brand. Regional trattorias offer excellent liquors at reasonable prices.
All Chianti wines have been produced of Sangiovese & Chianti Classico grapes. Until 2005, only certain Chianti Classico wines get a black rooster on one’s tag, the logo of Chianti makers since before the 17th century, as well as recently, its synonym for top-notch wine.
When you continue driving from Florence to Siena, mostly on Chiantigiana road, people could appreciate and respect its most scenic beauty of the country – picturesque villages & fairy-tale mountains.
Its lovely village of Greve Chianti preserves the annual wine carnival, which occurs mostly in September. Don’t miss to schedule one tour wisely so that people don’t skip this stunning occasion. People could even buy booze ultimately all around us; however, the perfect location to appreciate it is Piazza Matteotti. Have a bottle of white wine, a slice of crostini bread, or find the world move by.
One should plan a trip and look for Italy’s scenic beauty and even take a winery tour if they have enough time.